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10:26 PM 1st December 2019

Singer And Songwriter Ann Christine Finding Her Nerve Among Cowboys And Latin Rhythms

Ann Christine
Ann Christine
Born and raised on the countryside of Denmark, Ann Christine is a 26-year old singer and songwriter who has been based in Berlin for the past five years.

Growing up with a father who worked as a producer and guitar player in the Danish pop-music scene - and who spent much of her childhood bringing him with her on tour - Ann Christine has had music as part of her upbringing from a very early age. At the age of 16, she decided to move abroad for a year and finally found her own nerve in music among cowboys and Latin rhythms in a small mountain village of Chile.

Ann Christine is ready with her second single “Hocus Pocus”, where she reveals her ways around love (or lack thereof) and how she makes a thrill out of seduction - all for the fun of it. We caught up with her to find out what songs make her...


“Outkast - Roses” I may have listened to this song a thousand times (at least), but there’s no way I’ll ever get tired of it. It makes me smile every time that intro starts!


MØ’s first album “No Mythologies to Follow”

I’ve always felt very drawn to MØ’s music - her earlier songs, as well as her newer ones. I really appreciate the flavour she’s leaving onto everything she does. Her first album has a different rawness to it that always draws me in and gets me inspired.


Bon Iver's album “For Emma, Forever Ago”

This album is such a masterpiece. I listened to it a lot when I went through my first real heartbreak. Associating those emotions with such painfilled sounds will always take me down memory lane for a bit. In a beautiful way, though.


“Lizzo - Juice”

I loooove the vibe of this song! I mean listen to the lyrics - how can you not let a little smile on your lips? It’s so sassy and makes you wanna just slay.

Want to work out

To be honest, I usually prefer listening to podcasts when I go for longer workouts. But lately Kygo’s Whitney Housten feat. on “Higher Love” has gotten me pretty good and groovy, too.


“Annie Lennox - Dark Road”

I listened to Annie Lennox a lot when I first started making music and used to cover “Dark Road” quite often. It will always be something special to me.


Most extremely smooth melodic pop music. My latest “pop-treat-on-repeat“ was Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Now That I Found You” - and I have absolutely no guilt about finding pleasure in that one.

Feel Determined

This one is difficult. Determination for me rarely comes from anything external.


“Earth, Wind & Fire - September” This has been and will forever be the no 1 song for my feet to run immediately to the dance floor. In reality I mostly dance to house and techno, though. And maybe a bit of disco vibes, too. But you’ll always find me putting “September” if I get the chance.