Yorkshire Times
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Richard Trinder
7:53 AM 30th November 2019

Snow White At Harrogate

Sparkling, witty, colourful and great family fun: Harrogate Theatre's 2019 Snow White panto has kicked-off a top-notch performance with 20 year veteran Tim Stedman, playing dim but delightfully well-meaning Happy Harry.

Backed by an excellent cast, great sets, singing and dancing, Tim's Harry floats gracefully on top of a lively whole-cast performance that feels better in every department than previous Harrogate Pantos - not that they were bad. This year even the jokes are funnier!

Polly Smith, now familiar to Harrogate audiences for her roles in the extremely enjoyable rep. company productions, cackles her way to panto stardom by attracting a cacophony of boos and hisses for her Wicked Queen Ethel Burger.

Pamela Dwyer establishes her fairy credentials with a splendid opening monologue and a fabulous frock and, speaking of frocks, Howard Chadwick as No Nonsense Nora the Nanny gets more than his fair share. His 'mushroom' outfit is permanently etched in my brain - just wait 'til you see it!

I suppose some would doubt the need for a Dame in the 21st century. But, frankly, WHO CARES! It's a great part and must be so much fun to play.

Colin Kiyani as Prince Lee and Zelina Rebeiro as Snow White are every bit as lovely and delightful as one would hope in a family production and deliver some of the best vocal performances I've heard at a panto - with some sterling work from the musicians and sound engineers of course.

The Magic Mirror, a critical component of the Snow White story, gets the full hi-tech treatment with a massive screen being lowered in and out of set as required. Alice Barrott provides the face and voice of the mirror and has the great privilege of being able to 'tell it straight' to the Wicked Queen.

This year's set is a quite a star in its own right. A rotating cottage provides an ideal platform for the 7 puppet dwarfs - a new performance feature this year and extremely well done.

As you might have guessed, I loved this panto. Harrogate Theatre has definitely raised the bar this year and it's well worth braving the icy weather to go and see Snow White.