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5:39 PM 6th October 2019

Social Enterprise 'Keep Real' Opens Online Store

Eco-friendly clothing. Photo by Kat Lowe
Eco-friendly clothing. Photo by Kat Lowe
The social enterprise, Keep Real, is reopening its online store and launching it’s eco-friendly and locally printed clothing collection.

With their founder Kimberley Robinson, a Mental Health Activist and Social Entrepreneur with a degree in Counselling Therapy, the brand is growing with their literal ‘keeping it real’ ethos when it comes to mental health support.

Keep Real was founded whilst Kimberley was at University and experiencing anxiety. Kimberley started her blog, ‘KIMMYKEEPREAL’, with the purpose of supporting other young people struggling with mental health.

From achieving a Yorkshire Young Achiever Award nomination, Keep Real has grown every year since being founded in 2017. It can now be seen on cinema screens across the North.

Kimberley Robinson delivers Keep Real's mental health workshops through her passion for art therapy, and shares her lived experience. The organisation has worked with the University of Leeds, Leeds Business School, local agencies and organisations by covering topics such as stress management, self awareness, building resilience, overcoming anxiety and more.

Kimberley Robinson, founder of Keep Real, said:
“I am tremendously excited to re-open Keep Real’s online store and members club. It is a completely fresh way of looking at mental health, and how we can encourage our community to seek support and be part of something amazing. Mental health awareness and support doesn’t have to be clinical and inaccessible. The waiting lists are too long, and the support can sometimes feel too out of reach. Our brand, events and workshops make people feel connected and heard...and that’s a crucial thing that our society needs.”

Keep Real can be contacted here: