Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Jan Harris
Deputy Group Editor
8:30 PM 28th March 2022

Something Beyond The Pages

Rachael Shaw is a 24 year old author from Sheffield, who has just published her first book.

Here she talks to Deputy Group Editor, Jan Harris, about what inspired her to write.

"Jan, I have always loved writing since I was very young. I would make up random stories, all mainly, in some way, connected by magic. I struggle with body dysmorphic disorder and coming up with stories ended up being a way of dealing with that; the rest is history and that's how I came up with Something beyond the pages.

"I had been planning Something beyond the pages: A world that is hidden for sometime eventually sitting down to write it in 2019."

I believe that the main character is based on your sister Millie, although I presume you have given your main character a different name.

"Yes, that's right. The character is called Adalyn. In fact, Jan, there are a lot of personal things included in the book.

"Adalyn, is very much like Millie and I have tried to bring out her personality. I chose to do that because I am very close to Millie and at the time of writing, Millie had struggles with school and I kind of wanted to show her that things get better as they do with Adalyn."

Oh, that's a nice thing to do. So, what happens to Adalyn?

"Well, she meets an old lady, who, by coincidence, gifts her an empty book which turns out to be the entrance to a hidden magical world. Adalyn, then has to save the hidden world when all the people start disappearing. Frist, she has to find out who is behind it all with he help of a strange lady named Gertie who has a secret.

"Throughout, Adalyn gets to meet new people who are witches, wizards and others that have different kinds of abilities. To find out what happens, you will have to read the book!"

This is your first book, how long did it take you to write?

"It took me 6 months of constant writing and it will not be by last and I self-published it via Austin Macauley."

Thanks for talking to me Racheal, what are your future plans?

"I already have a book currently with the publishers and another half written, which will be part of the series for Something beyond the pages. I have every intention of writing many more books different from the series."