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Graham Clark
Features Writer
4:00 PM 20th January 2020

Sounds Of The Sixties Live Takes Bradford Back To The Swinging Sixties

The man behind me jokes at the interval that "he will probably be the only one here tonight who has to get up for work tomorrow morning”. True the majority of the audience here to see Radio 2’s Sounds of the Sixties hosted by Tony Blackburn, are shall we say of the pensionable age, but there are many here who were not even born in the Sixties.

The 6 piece band led by Leo Green took the near capacity audience through the many phases of music in the Sixties, such as the Flower Power era and Motown along with segments of hits from the likes of Cliff Richard, Petula Clark, Tom Jones and Dusty Springfield.

In between that though is the wit and stories reminisced by Tony Blackburn. His narrative was just as entertaining as the songs from this golden era in pop music. From his pirate radio days on radio Caroline and Radio London to being the DJ to play the first record on Radio 1, he took the fans on a trip that rolled back the years.

From stories that recounted putting the phone down on Frank Sinatra (he thought it was a hoax) to his old friend Kenny Everett and how he got a septic finger from being bit by Basil Brush, he held on to the audience.

“St Georges Hall might have had a million pound refurb” he joked, “but they can't find a decent stool for me to sit down on” he quipped as he had to make do with sitting on a chair that was way too small for the podium that was behind him.

He revealed that he was a part Yorkshire man – his dad was born in Halifax before moving south.

The two singers and band recreated note perfect the songs that are still played by Blackburn on his Radio 2 programme. Just when you thought that there too many songs being sung by solo acts from the 60’s, the band remember the biggest act to come out of Liverpool in the 60’s – The Beatles.

If you had wanted a ticket to ride you would have found your perfect destination tonight.