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Graham Clark
Features Writer
2:00 PM 18th June 2021

Sowing The Seeds Of Success - Dining At Moss And Moor, Ilkley

If you have been driving to Ilkley on the A65 recently you might have noticed a new garden centre, Moss and Moor.

Billed as much more than a garden centre it has the feel of a small IKEA. Perhaps it was the uncluttered arrangements and the fresh feeling that greets you upon entering?

Yes, it is a garden centre, besides selling a lot of artefacts and a 'Made In Yorkshire' section, which spreads across to items on sale in the food hall.

The terraceThe terrace

I had heard though that the restaurant was particularly good, especially the south facing sun terrace with views looking towards Ilkley Moor. Pick a sunny day for your visit and you might find yourself spending longer here than you first thought.

The menu is quite mixed but tends to be ingredient driven as they work closely with local producers, farmers and suppliers.

A starter of mixed beets with a strong Duke of Wellington cheese and pickled walnuts worked far better than it looked on paper - all the ingredients seemed to work together.

Mixed beets with Wellington cheeseMixed beets with Wellington cheese
Burger and friesBurger and fries

The mains has a selection of sandwiches, burgers and salads such as a Broad Been Falafel salad with hummus, mint and parsley or perhaps a flat iron steak salad with Chimichurri and Hash Browns might tempt you.

The chef recommended the Black Angus Beef Burger served with melted cheese, gherkins, red onions and fries, priced at £11.50. The burger did taste like it had come from the local butchers with the fries being salty and served very hot.

The dessert menu tends to concentrate on lighter options though I did choose the Fruit Scone served with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Pure indulgence.

Fruit sconeFruit scone
Buttermilk puddingButtermilk pudding

The chef seems to be rather proud of his Buttermilk Pudding served with raspberries on the side. Perfect for a summers afternoon, it seemed to me like a play on Panna Cotta but not as sweet. Overall a very enjoyable experience.

Some might find the road noise from the A65 a little off putting when eating or trying to hold a conversation, though the line of shrubbery blocking the view of the road does help to cut down some of the noise.

Best cast your eyes to the Cow and Calf rocks in the near distance and contemplate that walk you are going to do after eating too much at Moss and Moor!

Moss and Moor, Coutances Way, Ilkley LS29 7HQ