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11:11 AM 26th September 2020

Sporty Brothers Delighted With Duathlon Medals

Two pupils at a Yorkshire independent school enjoyed medal success in a fitness challenge as part of the virtual World Triathlon Leeds event.

Joseph and Oliver Mason, who attend Bradford Grammar Junior School, were delighted to receive their duathlon medals as part of the Join the Kids Challenge.

The brothers, who live in Otley, had to cycle 10K and run 4K on consecutive days but actually surpassed the cycle challenge by biking to Ilkley and back and completing 20K.

It was particularly challenging for Oliver, eight, who has type 1 diabetes. After his medal win, he received words of encouragement from diabetic athlete, Gavin Griffiths, who ran 25 marathons in 30 days and runs a charity, DiAthlete, to educate people about type 1 diabetes and sport. He sent a message praising the youngster.

He later added:
“Diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, during school years for me, was one of my biggest struggles, and for any medical condition, especially at a young age, there is a challenge to adapt your life to it. But, in whatever challenges you face in life, the strength to rise up to it, and to go on and achieve, is inside of you. Well done to Oliver for always pushing himself on further, that’s what champions do.”

Joseph and Oliver have also been inspired by former BGS students, Olympic triathletes and brothers, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee. Mum, Helen, said they had found the challenge tough but fun.

She said:
“They were so proud to get their medals. It was a really big thing for them and they both just kept at it until they’d finished.

“The boys both enjoy fell running and were looking forward to returning to the races they did last summer so this was a lovely event to replace them.”

Richard Ribeiro, headmaster at Bradford Grammar Junior School, said:
“Well done to Oliver and Joseph. It’s great hearing how our pupils have kept themselves busy over the summer and this is a fantastic challenge and achievement.”