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1:00 AM 9th March 2024

Spot The Red Flags In This Holiday-Themed Brainteaser

Spring and summer are fast approaching and many of us are dreaming of sunny skies and sandy beaches as we plan our upcoming getaways.

Not all trips are smooth sailing though, with one in five (21%) experiencing a short term fall out during their travels thanks to habits in others that they consider a ‘red flag’. Some of the biggest no-nos include being rude to staff (73%), getting drunk for the majority of the trip (57%) and getting your bare feet out on the plane (44%).

To remind travellers to be aware of potential red flags in a travel companion but to not let it ruin your trip, villa company Ocean Florida have created this tricky brainteaser - but can you solve it?

The suitcase hides 3 red flags and 2 beige ones amongst clothes and vacation essentials. The average person spots the three red flags in 38 seconds, but only the smartest can spot the beige in under 3 minutes! Read on to try your luck…

While many holiday habits may give us the ick, others are often appreciated. For example, arriving at the airport more than 2 hours early and pre-planning an itinerary were both considered green flags by 63% and 53% of people respectively.

Still stuck? Draw your attention towards the map or just above the fedora…

For those still struggling you can find all 5 flags revealed below:

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