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Jan Harris
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1:00 AM 9th March 2024

Spring Cocktails To Share

From the wilds of Scotland here are two lovely cocktails to share, perfect for the brighter days ahead. One is non-alcoholic so you can enjoy with your friends even if you are the designated driver!

Isle of Barra Distillers

The Isle of Barra Distillery Rhubarb and Heather Gin Liqueur, uses rhubarb sourced from a local charitable organisation on the island, Garadh a’ Bhagh a’ Tuath. Garadh a’ Bhagh a’ Tuath runs a community garden and café project, which produces the freshest local ingredients available and using as much of the produce in their recipes to help lower carbon footprint. Along with the garden and café, the project also assists adult learners within the community, involving them as much as the volunteers.

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Barra Spritz cocktail
Barra Spritz cocktail
Barra Spritz cocktail


35ml Rhubarb and Heather gin liqueur
15ml Orange liqueur (triple sec)
10ml Sugar syrup
50ml Soda water
100ml Sparkling wine


Pour all the ingredients into a stemmed wine glass
Add cubed ice
Garnish with an orange wheel

Wild Eve

This innovative, small batch non-alcoholic drink is hand crafted from an exclusive selection of organic flowers, fruits, leaves, and seaweeds, hand foraged on the Isle of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The carefully blended botanicals assist to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and invite calm through the innate properties of the plants.

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Wild Eve with Plum Shrub cocktail
Wild Eve with Plum Shrub cocktail
Wild Eve with Plum Shrub cocktail


25ml Wild Eve
5-10ml Temple Plum Shrub to taste
Frozen rocks


Put the frozen rocks in the glass
Pour over Wild Eve
Add Plum Shrub to taste - start with 5ml
Pour in a little Soda
Swizzle until you're thirsty
Garnish with fresh plums, a sprig of seaweed and a big juicy rosehip if you have any
Sit by the fire, put on some jazz and enjoy