Yorkshire Times
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8:00 AM 10th October 2020

Staycation Highway To Hell

As thousands of Brits travel to explore new corners of the UK this summer, research has revealed a correlation between driving on unfamiliar roads and motoring offences.

A survey of 2,007 British motorists, carried out by motoring solicitor specialists, Kenway Miller, has exposed the vulnerability for a lapse in concentration when drivers are meandering along a road they may not know very well.

Around 67% of us take the Highway to Hell with 54% of motorists admitting to not always reading road signs properly or taking notice of speed limits, while 47% revealed they are unsure what a range of road signs actually mean.

An increase in the reliance on Satnavs has meant that 86% of people no longer check the route they will be driving before setting off and 78% admit to blindly following their GPS without checking directions to make sure they’re going the right way.

When it comes to minor accidents, such as scrapes and bumps, a fifth of respondents (21%) believe that they are more likely to scratch their car in an unknown area, whilst 15% of drivers thought they would be more likely to crash into another vehicle or stationary object (such as a lamppost.)

As motorists venture to new towns, they believe they are most likely to receive a ticket or fine for driving in a bus lane (38%), speeding (31%) or parking in the wrong place (29%).

Matthew Miller, Managing Director at Kenway Miller, says: “Many people are electing to holiday within the UK this year, taking to the road for long drives to less familiar destinations. Of course, it’s important for everyone to take a holiday and there are some beautiful parts of the UK to explore, however, it’s important not to become careless while driving these unknown roads.

“New places can often have road signs and/or systems you’re not used to, meaning accidents happen more easily. And whilst GPS is great, many people are too reliant on Satnavs telling them the right way to go, often disregarding their own common sense If you are going on a staycation this summer, take care while on the roads – brush up on your Highway Code knowledge and make sure to check your route before setting off.”