Yorkshire Times
A Voice of the North
7:57 PM 30th January 2020

Stuart Andrew MP Welcomes Public Ownership Of Northern Rail

Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough, has welcome the news that the Department for Transport have recognised the inadequacy of the rail services offered to those in the North of England and that the Northern Rail franchise will be taken into public ownership from the 1st of March.

Stuart said: “I have long argued that the rail service offered to those of us in the North of England is simply not adequate, and I am grateful to the Government for listening to my constituents and taking the Northern franchise into public ownership. While I appreciate it will not be an overnight cure due to the scale of the Northern network, I am pleased that we are making progress and I would be grateful to my constituents for a small amount more patience while the Government work to fix this.

I am especially pleased that the Government have acknowledged the issues we are facing and are delivering on our promises to the North of England with new and improved trains, addressing overcrowding, extending 30 station platforms and ensuring we have cleaner, more spacious stations and a uniform service across the North that we can rely on”