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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
4:55 PM 27th June 2017

Summer Time With Little Alf

Walking with Alfie through the countryside
Walking with Alfie through the countryside
I love summer and the sunshine, but don't we all! It means I can spend lots of time with Alfie throughout the day and enjoy the lighter nights too.

Last weekend Alfie had a bath, which he wasn't too happy about. With the summer come the flies which is never that pleasant but after all we live in the countryside so what do you expect!

I bath Alfie in special shampoo and conditioner which smells of 'Tea Tree'. It's an old myth which is meant to keep the flies away and it always seems to work. I also have special sprays as well, but bathing him seems to be the most effective and he always looks better after his bath. Although you can guarantee he will roll in the mud straight after.

One of the best tips I have found over the years is to apply some 'Garlic' to the horses' feed. Alfie gets garlic and oil in his feed each night. Apparently flies hate the smell so it keeps them away. He also has oil in his feed to keep his coat shiny and in good health.

In summer it's really important to keep the eyes of your horse clean and dry. Flies seem to attract to horses' eyes which can make them really uncomfortable. I check Alfie's eyes every morning to make sure he doesn't get bothered during the day ahead.

Apart from the occasional annoying fly buzzing around summer is always good fun.

Last weekend I took Alfie for a walk after his bath. He absolutely loves exploring so I took him down a new track this weekend and he had quite the adventure and met some more four legged friends in the form of dogs.
He always seems to get on better with dogs than horses and this is probably because they are more his size.

On our new wander this weekend I took Alfie to see some round straw bales which he wasn't too keen on. At first he got quite frightened as they are nearly double his size so I don't blame him. Ater a little encouragement he happily sniffed them and lost interest...

Hannah and Alfie exploring the round hay bales
Hannah and Alfie exploring the round hay bales
When we go out on walks he loves to eat all the fallen leaves and ends up 'weeding' along untreated tracks, which have sprouts of grass growing through.

In summer I try to take Alfie out when the sun is beginning to set as I'm aware throughout the day he can get really hot and lazy. It's also important to remember if your horse has a white/pink nose to apply sun cream to it on the hotter days!