Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Luce Smith
Features Writer
9:24 AM 20th August 2018

Summer times...

Cheam Park with Spencer photo by Martin Hesketh
Cheam Park with Spencer photo by Martin Hesketh
...and what fantasiculous ones we’ve been having!

I have loved the weather this summer, and can honestly say, I’m going to be very sad when our season changes. Very sad.

It’s been so good to have off white coloured skin without flying out of the country! Quite frankly, my legs have never been so brown! Although someone did comment that I have a seasoned tan. Not sure if that’s an actual compliment, but hey, am taking it as one!

Good things about the British summer this year;
Get your washing in, dried outside, and put away, in a day
Take less time getting ready due to minimal clothing needed
Speak to strangers and it’s not to make a complaint
Sit outside, in the evenings, in the UK, as a regular occurence! Outside furniture is really getting a run for its money this year!
More and more people getting outside, and enjoying being here

Downsides, there have to be some…….
More people having picnics, but leaving scraps for my dog to wolf down at any given opportunity
Having to share my quiet walks with other, what I call, dog walkers
Had to let the British public see my legs on more than one occasion. Unheard of, but actually don’t care! Think it’s a sign of getting, urm, older?
It’s been so super hot, that it’s really going to feel cold soon!
Listening to people actually complain about it being too hot. Outrageous, and I think there should be a charge for this kind of conversation.

Talking of charges, I got another one from the lovely highways people. I went down a 5 metre stretch of bus only road. And for that, they would like me to hand over £60. But as a bonus, if I pay within 28 days, the charge is only £30.
To be fair, I went round the road, and saw the sign saying no cars, so went a different route. Got lost, and ended up back at the junction. Car behind, I had no choice but to go forward and get photographed. Such fun.

I hardly drive any more, as I cycle to work, and the one day I get in the car it ends up costing me money.

I will have to get a part time casual hours job, just to pay off my driving offences soon! Imagine that at an interview, “and why are you wanting to apply for this role of pot washer?” “I have to pay off my fines innit”………..

Another good/bad thing about this fab summer weather, is that it makes you want to be outside so much more, that my household chores have been neglected a little. I will make up for it on the wet and wild days we will no doubt encounter! Bella the hound, has learnt to swim now, and loves going to paddle whenever she can. I was throwing the ball for her the other day, and she was in and out of the water having loads of fun. However, as we were walking back along the field, she had gone off on a scent, and I had the ball under my foot. She caught a glimpse of it, and came galloping over. Now, picture this in slow motion of you would be so kind. I lift my leg to kick the ball. Bella comes galloping over at great speed to get the ball. Only she rams her body into the leg that’s holding me up. And I go flying down to the ground.


I’ve landed badly on my wrist, Bella has gone for the ball, and I wonder if anyone has seen this bit of action! I look around but don’t see anyone.
My wrist hurts and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! My eyes were watering! I got up, brushed the gravel and dust off, kept looking around, and told Bella we were going home. Immediately. Oh my, that would have looked so funny from the outside! Note to self, keep two feet on the ground! Gotta love these summer times 😎