Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
8:00 AM 4th June 2021

Sunnier Climes – UK Hotspots!

Whether you are planning a summer getaway or you are going to visit friends and family, finding a destination where you are going to get the best weather can be challenging due to the UK's notoriously unpredictable weather.

Many of us have been sitting at home the past year dreaming of that holiday in the sun, and while some of us are keen to get abroad, one in five Brits (20%) have already booked a holiday in the UK.
If you are considering a staycation in the UK this summer, then researchers at Uswitch have revealed the top trending staycation destinations and what month to visit them as part of their Sunny Staycations campaign.

The study delved into Met Office data from weather stations closest to the top trending holiday destinations, and found the average weather readings across every month over the last 50 years.

May was revealed to be the most popular month for the sunniest weather, with five out of the 12 locations including Carmarthenshire, Yorkshire, Wales and John O’ Groats having the most sun during the summer month.

For more details on how to top up your UK suntan, following the link below!