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3:33 PM 7th January 2021

Surgery Praised As Residents Get Second Vaccine Dose

A North Yorkshire care group today praised management and staff at a local GP surgery for making sure their residents got the vital Covid-19 vaccination.

Saint Cecilia’s Care Group says Pickering Medical Centre has gone “above and beyond” to ensure vulnerable residents at its Alba Rose care home got the protection they needed.

Yesterday a group of residents went by minibus to the surgery to get their second dose of the vaccine. They had their first dose in mid-December.

Last week staff from the medical centre went in to the care home to give those residents who are unable to travel their first dose of the vaccine.

Saint Cecilia’s Care Group Managing Director Mike Padgham said the surgery had pulled out all the stops to ensure the best care for the home’s residents and staff.

He said:
“Dr Coppack and his team have set a fantastic example for all surgeries in the way they have handled the administration of the vaccine for us.

“They have gone the extra mile to meet all of our needs and overcome all of the obstacles that I know exist. We cannot praise them enough.

“It is my hope that all care and nursing homes and all vulnerable people can get access to the vaccine as efficiently as Alba Rose has here in Pickering.”