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Jan Harris
Deputy Group Editor
1:00 AM 17th February 2024

Sustainable Spring Flowers

Are you the kind of person who likes flowers in the house and buys some every week to go on the table or in the hearth?

Well have you ever thought about buying realistic beautiful faux flowers that last forever and don't need replacing every week.

As the fashion for ‘faux’ shows no sign of waning, the only question when choosing ‘permanent botanicals’ is whether to go wild or stay classic.

Classic white blooms remain a winner according to The Home Company in Skipton – but the trend for more informal wildflower sprays – particularly for kitchen/family room areas – has seen a whole new category of fabulous fake flora pop up.

Realistic, easy-to-care-for and ideal for anyone with plant allergies, repro-bouquets also score well on the sustainability front with their life-long credentials. Price wise they make sense too: the classic arrangement shown here costs just £29 while the lavender and wild poppy spray is £17.95.

For more inspiration for your home, or to buy online click here