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Graham Clark
Features Writer
9:55 AM 29th March 2021

Suzi Quatro Keeps The Faith On New Album - The Devil In Me (Steamhammer Records)

If you are of a certain age you probably remember the first time you saw Suzi Quatro on Top of the Pops singing the Number 1 smash Can The Can. The hits such as Devil Gate Drive and 48 Crash amongst others followed. There was even a duet in 1978 with Chris Norman from Smokie with Stumblin’ In. Whilst still hugely popular her star might not be as high in the UK at least, as it was in the 70’s.

With no chance of concerts last year Quatro made good use of the free time by returning to the studio and writing with her son Richard Tuckey - she has delivered a diverse yet excellent album. You might have thought that in her 57th year of recording she might be resting on her laurels - far from it, like me you might be surprised how much you enjoy this accomplished album.

The album kicks into gear with the title track off the album, The Devil in Me, a glam rock buster with a riff that even Marc Bolan could have come up after T.Rex went electric.

Staying true to her glam rock roots might not be as distinctive on Hey Queenie until you get to the Slade like chorus. I’m not sure if the lyric is about her “it’s forever do or die, put on a show, let yourself go, then do it one last time.”

There is even a Christmas themed track My Heart and Soul, a soulful number that is along the lines of the Bee Gees’ How Deep is Your Love. Her voice here is a rasping one that suits the track immeasurably. It’s completely different from what I’ve heard her sing before. “Baby make it home for Christmas” she sings on a song that probably would have been Number 1 if she had released the track in 1974, though the song sounds more 2021 than a track such as Mud’s Lonely This Christmas!

Get Outta Jail is about having the lockdown blues “won’t someone help me break these chains” she pleads over a rocking track that kicks down the door, literally.

She tackles the blues and wins on Isolation Blues - a bar room late night moody affair whilst the Detroit rock of her home city comes through on I Sold My Soul Today and Motor City Riders that recalls her other home town musicians such as Iggy Pop and MC5, not forgetting Alice Cooper who has gone back to his Detroit roots on his new album (he even name checks Quatro on one of the songs).

The sleazy sax makes Love’s Gone Bad a smoky affair that recalls misty autumn days, it’s as far removed from the title track as you could get.

There isn’t anything bad here on this her 18th album, she has still got the hunger. The devil still has the best tunes.

I rate the album 4 out of 5.