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1:00 AM 10th May 2024

Win a Golden Ticket to Gotland - Sweden´s Summer Island!

Gotland. Photo:Henrik Trygg
Gotland. Photo:Henrik Trygg
Sweden’s ‘Summer Island’ is running a competition that will see four lucky winners winging their way to the glorious backdrop of one of the country’s most scenic tourist spots.

You will need to pay your own air fares but, once there, expect a VIP experience.

Here’s the deal:

Region Gotland, together with the local tourism industry, has created the competition to highlight the beautiful island as a place to both visit and live, and to showcase the great range of sustainable experiences available there: everything from a home-cooked dinner with a famous local to an exciting medieval jousting tournament.

Walking in Visby, Gotland. Photo: Tina Axelsson
Walking in Visby, Gotland. Photo: Tina Axelsson
All you need to do is record a short 15-second video clip telling why you deserve to win and want to visit Gotland.

The journey starts from either Oskarshamn, Nynäshamn, or Stockholm. The winner will be able to book accommodation at some of the nicest hotels or cottages around the island, sample some Nordic nosh and, on arrival, Region Gotland has thrown in free public transport for the duration of the stay for the winner and up to three accompanying guests.

"This presents a unique opportunity to explore Gotland and discover its wealth of character and beauty. At the same time, we gather insight into the activities people seek on Gotland, while our skilled tourism industry gains visibility. It's a win-win situation, especially for the fortunate recipient of the coveted Gold-Pass wristband for a holiday on Gotland," says Mimmi Gibson, Deputy Unit Manager of Region Gotland.

Photo: Jerker Andersson
Photo: Jerker Andersson
Competition Overview:
• Flights to and from Sweden are not included.
• The competition runs from April 26th to May 24th.
• The winner will be announced on May 31st and will be publicly announced on June 1st.
• The prize provides one winner and three accompanying holidaymakers (four people in total) with free access to the offers listed by the companies participating in the competition throughout July 2024
• Everyone over 18 years old is welcome to enter.
• The winner will receive four specially designed Gold Pass wristbands that provide a unique experience of Gotland during the summer of 2024.
• Whether your group is you and three friends, or your partner and children, grandmother and two aunts - is entirely up to you.
• All you need to do is record a short 15-second video clip telling why you deserve to win and want to visit Gotland. Regardless of the reason, this is your chance for an unforgettable experience of Gotland!

Link to the competition page here