Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
2:00 AM 30th July 2022

Take The Stress Out Of Moving Home

Britons moving home this summer are being offered top tips on making the move stress free.

The moving company LOVESPACE have put together their advice to help homeowners moving into a new property.

In 2021, around 1.2 million residential property transactions were carried out in the UK, according to data from Statista - that is more than 3,200 people on the move every day.

And now LOVESPACEhave laid out how to make the move as smooth and stress free as possible.

They suggest getting organised early on with a confirmed move date and letting landlords, utilities and other providers know as soon as possible.

Getting busy with packing is another must do with decluttering, booking removals and looking into storage options all on the checklist for homeowners.

As it gets closer to the move date, preparing an essential items box and making sure any children and pets are looked after for the day should be on the to do list.

A spokesperson for LOVESPACE said:
“Moving house is stressful. There is so much to think about and so much to do that it can be difficult to know where to start.

“Our checklist will help take some of that stress away. It’s all about being organised and making sure things are arranged well in advance. Packing is the one thing we all think about when moving - but there’s so much more to it than just that.

“Informing utility suppliers and other providers, letting your GP know you’re moving as well as banks and your insurance providers should all be on the list.”

Here is LOVESPACE’s guide to moving home:

Confirm the date

It may sound obvious but be clear on when you’ll be moving. You will need this information for everything including sorting bills, redirecting mail, booking removals people.

Inform your landlord

If you’re renting, let your landlord know when you’ll be moving out. All final calculations can be made to tie in with that date.


You need to let your energy and water suppliers, phone and broadband providers and local council know when you’re moving. In some cases, this may simply mean transferring payments and services already set up over to a new address. For other, like energy suppliers, this is about settling up on the final bill. Make sure you take readings on the day you move to send to your gas and electricity providers.

Book removals

Leaving the move to the professionals is much easier than trying to do it yourself. Book your removals company well in advance.


Before you start the packing, declutter. There’s no point taking things with you that you don’t need or want. If the items are in good condition, sell or donate to charity.

Pack and label

Get yourself some massive boxes and start packing. Label all boxes so you know where everything is and to make organising your new home a little easier. If you’re moving to smaller accommodation, an interim property or are about to take on a renovation project, it’s with thinking about putting some items into storage to save space.

Update your address

You do need to let people know you’ve moved. Friends and family will be top of this list but also inform insurers, banks, mobile phone providers, subscription services, your employer, GP and dentist. Make a list and work your way through it.

Cancel deliveries

If you have anything delivered, like milk, cancel it. These little things are easily overlooked when you’re moving home.

Register to vote

Don’t forget to register to vote when you move. This is a quick job that just one person can do.

Pets and children

If you have children, make sure you have care arranged for them on the day of the move. The same with pets. You need to be free to get on with the job of moving.

Clean up

Before moving out, give the property you’re moving from a good clean and leave a checklist for the new homeowners. A list of handy information could include locating the stopcock and fuse box, the day the bins go out and even some takeaway recommendations for those first few nights.

Essentials box

Pack a box with the essential items you’ll need the day of and a few days after the move. The kettle, tea and coffee is a good place to start. Include any important documentation, valuables, a phone charger, cleaning supplies and toilet roll.

LOVESPACE provides self storage with convenient collection and delivery straight from your doorstep across the UK. It has recently launched a removal service.