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Graham Clark
Music Features Writer
4:14 PM 10th June 2024

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Arrives In The North

Taylor Swift
Photo:  TAS Rights Management
Taylor Swift Photo: TAS Rights Management
A year after the tickets first went on sale for the European leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, the huge touring production from one of the world’s biggest pop stars finally arrived in Britain.

The appeal of Taylor Swift is easy to understand: besides being an inspiring role model, the lyrics to her songs are relatable to her (mainly) young fanbase. For many, it could be your older sister or best friend on the stage. 

Outside Edinburgh’s Murrayfield stadium, the fans had been queuing since the early hours to secure a prime position for the show. Before Swift arrived on stage, a giant clock on the video screens counted down the minutes, and the fans screamed as each second passed.

Taylor Swift
Photo:  TAS Rights Management
Taylor Swift Photo: TAS Rights Management
By the time she arrived on stage, the roar of the crowd was akin to a jumbo jet taking off. Sharing the euphoria, excitement, and energy with the 73,000 other Swifties (as her fans are known), the communal experience would have touched even the most cynical observer.

The sensory impact of the show was mesmerising; part West End musical, part pop extravaganza, and with at least twelve outfit changes, the three-hour gig was never going to be predictable. Each segment of the performance represented a specific era of her career, hence the tour's title.

Her course has run from pop to folk to her most wistful and sad numbers, all tied up by the accessibility of her music. Rather than just being her backing band, the musicians were the focal point of the evening, coming centre stage to share the limelight with Swift and her dancers.

When Swift decided to give one of her fans a big hug, the look on the youngster's face was one of surprise and astonishment - a priceless moment.

Taylor Swift
Photo:  TAS Rights Management
Taylor Swift Photo: TAS Rights Management
With so many tracks to perform, some were truncated; the opening number, Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince, along with I Knew You Were Trouble, were two songs that deserved to be heard longer than the ten-minute version of All Too Well, though in a show that contained forty-six songs, it would have been hard to feel short changed.

This was a well-tailored, extravagant, and exuberant show. Swift's final song, Karma, about her enemies, received a warm welcome akin to that of a long-lost friend.

The tour continues with further dates in the north:

13th, 14th, and 15th June: Anfield Stadium, Liverpool