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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
6:00 PM 30th November 2018

The 8th Little Alf Book...

It’s just 1 day to go until the 1st December and me and Little Alf are very excited for the festive season. We have been in the Christmas spirit for a few weeks now. All year we have been working on a new book together, ‘Little Alf and the Christmas wish’ and this week I shared it on social media.

This book is our first ever illustrated book and it looks lovely. I’ve been working with a very talented illustrator called ‘Charlotte Corney’ who has really captured the festive spirit with her drawings, each page being very magical.

The book is aimed at 5 year olds and under and is 32 pages long; each page has text and an illustration and involves most of my pets! It’s been great to see Charlotte illustrate my animals and it’s really nice to involve them all in the book.

I first wrote the book 2 years ago back in 2015 one Christmas but decided not to publish it as I had only just got into the swing of writing and in 2015 I had just published ‘Little Alf the magic helper’ so didn’t want to bring out two books at the same time, which where both Christmas themed.

I decided to bring the book out this Christmas as since writing it, Alfie’s followers have grown and I keep getting lots of requests for a book aimed at the under 5 years old.

This week I was delighted to announce the news on social media which went down a treat and we sold out of all the pre-orders in less than 24 hours which was a record for us. The book gets launched this Saturday and although we’ve already sold out before it hits the shelves we will be getting a batch back in stock before Christmas.

I’m just hoping when people receive the book they love it just as much as me! I really love Christmas and I think Alfie does too. Last year we decorated the Christmas tree together and Alfie kept biting all the baubles so I’m not sure if mum will let us do it again this year...

In the next couple of weeks me and Alfie will be busy with interviews with the
new book and Christmas orders. The Little Alf shop is also really busy at the moment so it’s all hands on deck or ‘hoofs’ on deck in Alfie's case.

To find out more about the new book just visit the website here -