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Graham Clark
Features Writer
8:00 AM 9th June 2021

The Alchemist, Trinity Leeds Conjures Up A Magical Experience

The long queue we saw when we arrived at The Alchemist, Trinity Centre in Leeds confirmed what I had already been told about this unusual restaurant - it is very popular.

With two restaurants in the city centre the restaurant chain must be doing something right.

With so many restaurants to choose from the Alchemist appear to have found a unique selling point - in their case the huge range of cocktails that are served like magicians magic portions as the mist and smoke pour out of your glass.

It comes across as pure theatre with the bartenders having an obsessive eye for detail with each cocktail served waiting to bedazzle or bewitch you.

Really though a lot of it is conjured up by using dry ice - even your pot of tea will come smouldering with mist!

The Terrace
The Terrace
As well as indoor dining they have a small outdoor terrace too.

As the soundtrack to a Friday night played away in the background we ordered from the menu. There is not a vast choice with a tendency to concentrate on the staples such as burgers and wraps, along with some tempting salads.

Freshly baked Sourdough
Freshly baked Sourdough
The Fresh Baked Sourdough comes with more butter than you need but, nonetheless, was light and tasty.

The servings are not huge and are just enough to keep you satisfied. My Chargrilled Honey and Sriracha Chicken burger was served tender with a hot kickback. Good to be served some proper warm chips too.

My sister went with the vegetarian Plant Burger - some of the veggie burgers tend to have a rubbery taste but not so here. In fact the burger was very moist. With most burgers starting at £12.25 the price appears to be in line with other restaurants.

Chargrilled Honey and Sriracha Chicken BurgerChargrilled Honey and Sriracha Chicken Burger
Plant BurgerPlant Burger

By now my Mocktail had arrived - looking like something from an old chemistry class. The Bubblygum as its name suggests is concocted with bubblegum, apple, cranberry, lime, bubbles - and plenty of dry ice. Yes, it is a novelty, but if you are on the right side of 25 and out with a bunch of your friends it will probably seem even more magical.

Bubblygum Mocktail
Bubblygum Mocktail
The theatrical touch even extends to the desserts. If you try the Cotton Candy Baked Alaska be prepared to get your mobile out to take a photo of the dessert being set on fire by your server.

Cotton Candy Baked Alaska
Cotton Candy Baked Alaska
What looks like candy floss is ignited leaving behind waffle, meringue, blood orange gelato and Grand Marnier. Along with the smoking Cocktails it seems that it was dreamed up with Instagram in mind.

The staff are friendly and attentive making the visit a pleasurable experience. The magicians wand has been cast - I think you might find that you will be under The Alchemist’s spell after a visit - just remember to book in advance.

The Alchemist, Level 1, Trinity Centre,Leeds LS1 6HW