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Simon Bartle
Visual Arts Correspondent
5:17 AM 15th March 2020

The Approach Of Spring Exhibition: At The Bingley Gallery

This exhibition of watercolours explores the Approach of Spring, through the work of six extraordinary artists who are all truly accomplished watercolourists.

Each artist in this exhibition has their own distinctive style, but their works celebrate a common thread of the diverse landscapes around us.

This is a compact exhibition, which punches well above its weight, and is a truly eclectic mix of works. It captures the multiple views that we all recognise, but presents them in new and exciting ways.

This exhibition unashamedly celebrates Spring, and is comprised of original paintings by Carole Gaunt, Kate Lycett, Stella Verity, Rob (Tom) Thompson, Jane Fielder and Helen Shearwood.

Carole Gaunt born in Harrogate, but who now lives on the edge of Baildon Moor, creates keenly observed scenes from the Yorkshire countryside. She has a vocabulary all of her own, and she generously shares that with us. Carole is a rising star on the Yorkshire art scene. Her watercolours are a delight, and are not to be missed. Her painting A Year of Flowers - Those Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days of Summer' transports us to better times, and reawakens our soul.

Clifftop Walk, by Kate Lycett embodies her avowed ambition to 'paint beautiful pictures of the places that I love'. Her skill lies in capturing those scenes that we instantly recognise, and for which we feel a strong affection. Kate from Hebden Bridge, studied fine art at St John's, York and after an initial foray into the world of textile design returned to painting. We are so glad that she did, and so are her loyal fan-base.

Stella Verity is a retired teacher, and an accomplished watercolourist, who was fortunate to study under the renowned Jeremy Taylor, at Shipley College. Her work centres largely on subjects she encounters whilst pursuing her keen interests in gardening and cooking. Her style is both vibrant and distinctive. She certainly excites the taste buds with her expertly created watercolours.

Abandoned Cars by former architect Rob (Tom) Thompson displays a precision which emanates perhaps out of a former life. His works are sublime. He depicts his chosen subjects with fondness and empathy. He also works in oils and pastels. Tom is an active member of the international group Urban Sketchers.

Jane Fielder is perhaps Bingley's most renowned, and well loved artists. Her exquisite painting Claret and Amber Sky, Bradford takes watercolour painting to a whole new level. It is a view of Bradford City's Valley Parade Football Stadium. Jane is no stranger to depicting wide sweeping West Yorkshire landscapes, but she also travels much further afield to capture the landscapes, which excite both her imagination and ours. Then for good measure, she also paints glorious vases of flowers, which are not to be missed.

If painting is all about light, and it certainly is, then Helen Shearwood has perfected the skill of painting the way things alter in different lights. She adroitly captures the intrinsic beauty in everything around us. She experiments, and takes us on a journey which celebrates light. A sense of optimism comes strongly through her work, and her watercolour A Break in the Clouds, is abstraction at its very best.

Watercolours for all the artists in this exhibition provide an opportunity to reveal their innermost thoughts, and they very effectively communicate those feelings to their audience. Above all their paintings celebrate life, and they do so at a time, when it would be all too easy to forget that we need to do just that, each and every day.
The exhibition is well worth seeing, so go on put this celebration of excellence on your itinerary.

The Approach of Spring Exhibition can be found at The Bingley Gallery 29b Park Rd, Bingley, W. Yorks. BD16 4BQ
Exhibition runs until 22 March 2020

This is a commercial Art Gallery and its Gallery Hours are: Thu-Fri 12.00 to 18.00, Sat-Sun 10.00 to 17.00

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