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2:00 AM 6th August 2022

The Best Ways To Use Sand In Your Summer Garden

image by Unsplash
image by Unsplash
As temperatures soar during the UK heatwave, homeowners are being offered creative ways to bring the beach to the back garden.

The green-thumbed experts at have found the best ways to utilise sand to create the ultimate beach style garden.

With temperatures set to rise to 35 degrees this month, gardeners are looking for unique ways to develop their outdoor space ahead of the sunshine.

Simple ways to use sand include making a sandpit for children to play in or creating a relaxing seaside design to enjoy a staycation at home.

A spokesperson from said:
“We wanted to provide clever ways for people to use sand in their gardens to transform the space into a coastline dream this summer.

“Sand produces some amazing results in gardens, it can upgrade landscaping designs as well as improve the consistency of compost by mixing in with sand.

“There are savvy ways you can use sand in the garden, from creating a zen garden to enhancing a backyard water park!”

Here are GardenBuildingsDirect’s top ways to use sand in the garden:

Make a sandpit

What better way for the kids to enjoy the back garden? Plot a square bit of land, remove roots, stones and excess soil to make the area level. Then place some weed fabric at the bottom and fill with some fine washed sand. Finish off by bringing out the bucket and spade.

Create a backyard beach

Turning a garden into a beachside area is the perfect way to create an at home getaway. Dig up an area in the garden to fill with sand, place some sun loungers in the centre and embrace the hot weather in style.

Place around a firepit

A standout firepit piece in your garden can make a big difference to your outdoor space by creating a cosy and social atmosphere. Take this a step further by placing sand around the fire pit area for people to sit around comfortably and roast marshmallows.

Create a sand pathway

Go DIY and become a pro landscaper by developing a sand pathway throughout your garden. Dig out the desired route by roughly 10cm and then fill half with gravel and then press it down before filling up the rest with sand. To make it set, spray the sand area lightly before admiring your new walkway.

Show off a backyard water park

If you’re already getting the paddling pool out and the slip and slide, then go all out by placing sand around the garden to create the essence of being at a water park on holiday. It’s also a perfect way to cool down from the rising temperatures.

Zone out with a zen garden

An eye-catching zen garden will leave an impression on guests and using sand can take it up a notch. It’s best to create a stone pathway to start with and then surround a water feature with pebbles and sand to make a tranquil space.

Improve your vegetable garden

It’s easy to think sand wouldn’t work well when growing vegetables, but using coarse sand might just be the trick to great crops. It can help create pockets of air within the soil and can help plants with fine wire roots. Make sure to only add it to compost and not just any soil.

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