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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
11:38 AM 13th February 2017

The Confessions Of A Pony Nut Thief...

This weekend the weather has been very grim. Snow has been forecast for the past few weeks so we anticipated to wake up to a winter wonderland but instead we got rain, hail and sleet, typical British weather which didn't impress Alfie too much. Mind you he got to spend the weekend in his stable due to the horrid weather which he didn't seemed to mind as he loves his stable.

Today Alfie is outside in his paddock with Pepper, as I can see them from my office window. They seem to be playing a very odd game of 'tag' where they are running from one end of the paddock to the other and at the same time playfully trying to nip each other's legs. Occasionally I can hear the pair squealing at each other, but they truly are the best of friends and recently they appear to have been teaming up together on some very naughty antics...

A few weeks ago I noticed that our horse feed appeared to be going down very quickly, but due to the horses being in the stables so much I never thought any more about it. I put it down to the fact they had been in due to the rain, therefore they were eating more food. It was only as the days seemed to pass and the pony feed ran out rapidly I began to think something was a little bit odd.

My first conclusion was that Mum must have been feeding the horses a little bit more than she should have been, but when I asked her about this she confirmed she was still feeding them the same portions. I thought I must have been feeding them more and spoiling them as this is something I tend to do. I then began to question myself and thought maybe I had been and not realised, so made a note to take extra care when feeding the horses.

Another week went by and surprise surprise the pony feed ran out very quickly. I knew Mum and I had been taking extra notes when feeding the horses, so the only conclusion I came up was that we had a pony nut thief on our hands and I was determined to get to the bottom of it.

When we muck out the ponies every morning we usually let the Shetlands Alfie and Pepper wander around the yard. Pepper usually goes in every stable and tries to cause havoc so I normally spend the morning chasing him around, while Alfie usually goes and picks at the fresh grass. Recently Pepper has been causing more disruption in a morning than normal and last Friday I caught my pony nut thief in the act...

I let the Shetlands out as normal and took my wheelbarrow in to the first stable. That's when I heard all this banging and thought Pepper was up to mischief again so I went to investigate. Sure thing, Pepper was stood rubbing his head against the outdoor shed so I went over to move him. That's when I saw out of the corner of my eye this brown figure moving very quickly and swiftly towards the feed room door.

I knew then I'd caught my pony nut thief and crept over very quietly. As I peered around the door there was Alfie munching his way through a whole bag of pony nuts. He simply looked up at me with a very cheeky expression on his face.