Yorkshire Times
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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
6:22 PM 18th December 2020

The Christmas Countdown With Little Alf

It’s the Christmas countdown with Little Alf, we can’t believe it’s a week until Christmas Day.

This year has flown by, Alf has his stocking up on his door ready for the big day… I’m not too sure what Alfie is wishing for this year; he was very secretive when sending his letter to Santa this year.

Christmas time is always significant to me and Alfie as he came to live with me on the 24th December in 2012, so each year it makes it even more magical and festive, as it now holds a special place in my heart. To think of all the Christmases we have now had together, I’m really thankful that he came into my life when I needed him the most.

I always love to plan Christmas with the horses. I’m very much a home sort of person so love being at home with the animals, and Christmas Day I love to spend time with the horses, dogs, guinea pigs, chickens and bunnies. They all get Christmas presents, so planning what everyone is getting usually starts as early as October…

All the ponies’ stables get decorated with tinsel, which is this weekend's job, and Alfie always has a sign outside his door saying, ‘Santa please stop here’ (So that Santa knows where to deliver his presents obviously!)

I once brought Alfie in the house just before Christmas to see the Christmas tree and he ended up pinching two baubles off the tree. I don’t think Mum was very impressed, but he did love the twinkly lights and seems to enjoy watching the colours change.

Many of us around Christmas time reflect on the year we have just had and although this year feels a little bit different, there are still things we can celebrate. I’m grateful to have Alfie and the rest of the animals, they really helped me during my treatment for Sarcoma Cancer this year and just brighten up every day.

Christmas really isn’t about presents it’s about the memories we make and who we have around us on the day, and maybe this year we can’t gather with those we want to but it’s something to look forward to in the new year.

Merry Christmas everyone,
Hannah & Alf