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Graham Clark
Features Writer
4:00 PM 30th January 2020

The Courteeners - More, Again, Forever (Ignition Records)

Manchester 3 piece, The Courteeners have probably released one of the best albums of their career. They remind me of Kaiser Chiefs mixed with the dance sensibilities of Frank Ferdinand.

This new album has more hooks than a Hull fisherman's net. The more you play the album the better it gets. In the past I have never really got into the band but this, their 6th album made me realise just what I had been missing.

The album starts off with Heart Attack -a throbbing dance infused track with a glam rock stamp on it. Heavy Jacket follows with a melodic twist that gets even better as it goes on.

The title track, More Again Forever is one of those times that once you hear it, it is hard to forget. The single Better Man should have been on the playlist of every radio station in the country, it does remind me of R.E.M. but with a Sixties feel to the song. If this is your introduction to the band then you could not get a better welcome.

The album ends with Is Heaven Even Worth It which works well with the lush orchestra. The theme is about trying your best and perhaps not always making it. With this new album though they have definitely made it.

Photos of the band do not appear anywhere on the album sleeve, like the mainstream audience they should appeal to they have been unseen for far too long.

I rate the album 4 out of 5