Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
9:30 PM 2nd September 2017

The End Of Summer...

I can't believe how fast August has flown by. I can remember the start of summer like it was yesterday and it feels so strange to now be in September!

Personally I love this time of the year when the leaves begin to change colour and autumn is on its way. Alf loves it too as it means he can eat all the fallen leaves. Although I'm not a fan when the nights start to fade I really do love being outside with all the animals.

I finished work yesterday and headed down the field to play football with Alfie around 8:00pm and noticed that the light was already starting to dim. Luckily Alf didn't mind too much and was quite happy to have a short play with his ball before being tucked up in bed for the night.

Alfie is already starting to get his winter coat. I don't blame him as the nights seem to becoming cooler too. He looks like a woolly bear at the moment and by the end of September he will be back to the fluff ball I know him to be.

There is a misconception with horses that if they get their winter coat 'early' like Alfie is getting, people are lead to believe that means it's going to be a colder winter, this isn't actually correct.

Alfie's coat isn't his response to the temperature. If this was the case he wouldn't actually get his winter coat until winter actually hit and then it would be too late and Alfie would be cold!

Instead horses usually begin to grow their winter coats early September which is triggered by the light. As the days get shorter Alfie's body will go into winter mode.

Basically there is quite a lot of science behind it which even I get confused with. But it won't be long until everyone will be seeing fluffy pictures of Alfie outside!

Although I'm quite sad that it is now coming to the end of summer I'm looking forward to winter as Alfie and I have a lot planned, with the new book being launched and book signings across the UK.

Alfie loves Christmas so he will be counting down to Christmas Day, although I have to remind him that it's quite a way away yet, even though some of the shops have already begun their promotions!