Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
8:32 PM 11th May 2021

The Green Goddess Joins Local Care Home Residents For Mental Health Awareness Week

Staff and residents at Barchester’s Meadowbeck Care Home in Osbaldwick were treated to an armchair work out courtesy of the Green Goddess, Diana Moran, and Shackleton’s furniture company, followed by a mindfulness session led by Shackleton’s Emma Raybould.

Diana rose to fame as a glamorous fitness guru on BBC’s Breakfast Time in the 1980’s and has made an outstanding contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of people in the UK. She now brings that experience to Shackletons as their Health and Wellness Adviser.

Shackletons and Diana both celebrate the importance of exercise, a healthy diet and mindfulness, particularly in later living. Diana has been working with Shackletons since 2019 to promote their bespoke seating. She has produced a series of exercise videos extolling the virtues of gentle exercise in a Shackletons chair.

Diana says:
“Even if we spend more time sitting than walking, we can still maintain wellbeing at any age if we sit with the proper support, posture, correct height and balance in our chairs. Which is why Shackletons is the perfect company.”

Lucy Tomlinson, Resident Experience Manager for Barchester Healthcare, commented:
“We have been using technology to keep our residents and patients connected with their loved ones as well as offer virtual events, entertainment and activities throughout the pandemic. We are excited to work with our amazing partners like Shackletons and Diana Moran to bring a wide range of fantastic experiences into our homes for all to enjoy.

“Our varied life enrichment programme keeps residents active and socially connected, providing a daily choice of engaging physical, mental and spiritual activities tailored to residents’ interests and abilities,” Lucy added.

General Manager, Annaliza Kemp, said:
“Our residents all remember the Green Goddess from Breakfast TV in the 80s so they really enjoyed seeing her on screen and joining in a gentle exercise session with her. The mindfulness session was the perfect way to relax afterwards.”

For more information please contact Annaliza Kemp, General Manager at Meadowbeck on 01904 424244 or