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Graham Clark
Features Writer
6:13 PM 14th October 2020

The Holy - Mono Freedom (Playground Music)

Finnish group The Holy might be a new name to you like they are to me. The band though have already had their debut album Daughter nominated for the Finnish equivalent of The Grammy’s.

The album the band say is a utopian themed album based on a fictional story about Mother Nature taking over the earth and now the last humans pack their stuff, built a rocket and head over to the nearest black hole. If you listen to the third song in on the album, Rocket Song you will hear a lyric which explores this theme.

In truth though musically the band sound like a more melodic Echo and the Bunnymen or if you like, Coldplay and British duo Hurts. The Holy though have some very memorable tunes in their armoury which will cross the North Sea and find a new legion of fans.

The sound is big and is ideal for arenas and stadiums or in this case outer space! They do well thought out ballads too, such as heard on Love Is Just A Word We Use. This particular track could have come off an album by Hurts. “When I turn my head to the skies I hope to find a better life” sings frontman Eetu Henrik Livari on a track like most on the album, gives you hope for a better day in an optimistic way.

The band have two drummers, though you would never know as the sound throughout the album remains uncluttered.

The alt/indie tag best sums up Ageing Boxer on a rousing track before the album finishes with Museum of Modern Hearts the Echo and The Bunnymen influence comes through again. A dark and compelling number over a stark instrumentation it leaves the listener wanting to play the album from beginning to end again.

I rate the album 3 out of 5