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Phil Hopkins
Arts & Travel Editor
8:00 AM 30th March 2021

The Hotel That Sends You To Sleep!

The quaint Portuguese city of Coimbra may be in grave danger of even being seen by tourists visiting The Hastens Sleep spa hotel… of Europe’s newest properties devoted solely to giving its residents their best night’s sleep ever!

Swedish luxury sleep brand Hästens has 168 years of experience in the sleep field, so they are already experienced in teaching people how to get a few extra Zzzzzzzzzzs! And, next month their new hospitality venture in partnership with Grupo O Valor do Tempo, will open to pass on some of that valuable knowledge on.

The property’s fifteen unique rooms will offer guests the chance to spend the night sleeping on some of the world’s most impressive hand-made beds.

“We have created a completely new type of experience here at Hästens Sleep Spa. During their stay, our guests will have the opportunity to experience the absolute need for a good night's sleep, through the Hästens’ exclusive beds and the unique environment in which they are presented. They will learn and understand how sleep contributes to their well-being, and our goal is to offer guests the world's best sleep experience,” says Tiago Quaresma, board member of the founding group O Valor do Tempo (the Value of Time).

A unique feature of the Hästens Sleep Spa is Bed Talks, giving guests the chance to learn from sleep expert Dr. Edie Perry. Perry will offer a consultation to guests to discuss sleeping positions, sleeping tips and the correct bedding required for their upcoming stay.

In addition, the sleep spa boasts an impressive pillow menu avaliable to guests throughout their stay. Pillows on offer include soft high, medium high, firm high, medium extra high and firm extra high, with each one being made of 100% cotton and filled with goose feathers and down. One of the biggest advantages of a Hästens pillow is its ability to provide proper support for the neck and spine, helping guests to breathe better and ultimately leading to a better night’s rest.

Hästens Sleep Spa is located directly next to the UNESCO-listed library Biblioteca Joanina, in Coimbra in the center of Portugal. With its thousands of books and gold-adorned baroque furnishings, it stands as the main inspiration for the hotel decoration.

Each room is adorned with 1,200 hand-carved and gold-plated marble book spines. The books - which took 4 months and 18 people to create - have been engraved with titles from both Portuguese and international authors.

“With Hästens Sleep Spa, we, together with the hotel, want to make people around the world feel how important it is to let the body get really good sleep, through good conditions and the right means. Our sleep expertise is unique, and we want to be able to offer everyone to experience the rarity of our beds. That is what makes this hotel concept so fantastic, and we hope that more and more people will be able to take part in it in the coming years with the hope of additional hotels,” says Jan Ryde the Executive Chairman and Fifth Generation Owner of Hästens Bed.

Hästens Sleep Spa will serve breakfast and Afternoon Tea daily for guests. Light meals will also be avaliable throughout the day for guests that wish to dine at the hotel. All F&B is included courtesy of the hotel to ensure that guests can totally relax and enjoy their sleep spa experience. Guests also have access to an exclusive rooftop where they cnn enjoy stunning views of the city while sipping a complimentary glass of champagne.