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Phil Hopkins
Group Travel Editor & Theatre Correspondent
7:00 AM 19th May 2022

Illegal Eagles Fly High Above Bradford

When people say they’re as good as the originals and some wag pipes up, ‘they are better’, then you know you’re probably onto a good thing spending a night with The Illegal Eagles!

And what a night it was at St George’s Hall in Bradford where this band of seamless, musical professionals took an adoring audience back to the 1970’s, and on a journey that many will never be allowed to forget despite the rapidly passing years.

It’s nigh on half a century since the legendary West Coast Country Rock band The Eagles, penned the likes of Hotel California, Desperado, Take It Easy, New Kid in town, Life in The Fast Lane and Tequila Sunrise.

However, thanks to the current Illegal Eagles line up – Greg Webb, guitars & vocals, Trevor Newnham, Bass & Vocals, Mike Baker and Garreth Hicklin on Guitar, Keys & Vocals and Tony ‘The Blow Monkeys’ Kiley keeping time on the drums – the legend lives on.

As I have said many times before, St George’s Hall has cornered the market in lookalike and copycat bands from Michael Jackson to Simon and Garfunkel but, somehow, even though the Illegal Eagles fall into this very category, it feels like a near insult to label them as such because they genuinely are as good as the real thing, even though the originals are probably smoking pipes or pushing up daisies!

“I wasn’t even born in 1975” said stunning lead guitarist, Mike Baker... he launched into one of the band’s iconic numbers, but, by God, he could play that guitar and, between the five of them, there wasn’t a beat missed or a harmony fluffed.

Highlights of the Illegal Eagles’ 21-year career have included tours of Europe, Asia, Russia and the Caribbean, whilst in Great Britain they have performed at all the major concert halls including The Royal Albert Hall and The Cadogan Hall in London, St David’s Hall Cardiff, The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow and The Waterfront Hall in Belfast.

Extremely tight harmonies and an acute attention to detail are the trademark of this authentic and talented show, widely regarded as one of the best in the world.

Musically, this was a journey to a period in time when easy listening was something to be applauded, America was a country to be aspired to and rap was a horror yet to be born!

The Eagles captured a time in history when California was still an ‘idea’ for most people but, somehow, band members came to embody West coast USA, penning a number of songs that travelled the world and created in millions, a love for a country the majority had probably never been to.

Now, that love of both the hippy state and, indeed, the original band, continues with The Illegal Eagles who, it has to be said, are in a class of their own. If you need any proof, look at their back to back tour dates.
You can catch them at Doncaster tonight or, later in the summer at York.

If you have any love of The Eagles’ music, then grab a ticket now and take a journey back in time. The ‘Illegal’ lads will not disappoint are a worthy heirs to the California throne.

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Cast, Doncaster – tonight
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