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Graham Clark
Features Writer
12:13 PM 18th April 2021

The Return Of Newton Faulkner With New Album And Tour

Newton Faulkner has announced that his new album Interference (of Light) will be released on 20 August via Battenberg Records on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Four years on from his last studio album, Newton has been working throughout lockdown from his recording studio in East London, exploring a number of new and unexplored styles and ideas, using them as the building blocks for his new album.

“I’m not very precious anymore,” he remarks.

“The music is a bit chunkier, it’s definitely way heavier and much less acoustic than previously. I feel like the stuff I’ve written recently is simpler but it’s tasteful … it works as songs. I can feel it.”

The first single from the album, Together, will be released in early June.

“I want to boil things down to their strongest form,” he says. “

"It’s about the songs. However good you are at playing, if the voice isn’t up to scratch and the songs aren’t good enough, no one is going to listen to them.”

“It’s grizzly, soulful and a step further,” he says of his new material.

“Vocally, I’ve learned a huge amount over the years. I was a guitarist and a writer who sang. That’s kind of where I came from. And now I feel like my voice has caught up with the stuff I was doing on guitar.”

The new album is Newton at his most daring, and his most familiar. Keeping to his trademark songwriting and storytelling, this album reflects his feelings on current times.

“I don’t think things get better or worse, they just change,” he says.

“I’ve kind of purposefully steered away from any of the cliques that have appeared around me. I’ve just remained this solitary figure. I love it!”

The album will be released across various formats with different tracks on each one.

“The way people listen to music has changed dramatically in the time I’ve been making and releasing music and, for me, each medium has a different purpose and requires a different approach.

Interludes, which played a huge part in Hand Built by Robots, make no sense being streamed on an online playlist but work amazingly on a CD, and vinyl is a different experience again.

"So, I’ve decided to package this album differently for each format: streaming sites will get a 17-track album with no interludes clogging up your shuffles; the CD will be 17 tracks plus interludes for a smoother flow; and the vinyl will be 11 tracks curated by me to work on one disc with the best possible flow from one side to the other and the best possible sound.”

Album pre-order:

There are shows to look forward in the North, though the socially distanced show in May at the Wardrobe in Leeds is now sold out.

Sun​ 30​ - Leeds ​Wardrobe (Sold Out)

Fri​ 24​ - Chester ​Live Room
Sat ​25 - ​Castleton ​Peak Cavern
Sun ​26 ​- Holmfirth Picture Drome

Mon​ 18​ - Hull Asylum
Tue​ 19​ - Sheffield ​Leadmill
Wed​ 20​ - Manchester ​Ritz
Fri​ 22​ - Liverpool Academy