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1:19 PM 3rd November 2023

The UK’s Weirdest Sandwiches Revealed

The UK’s weirdest sandwich fillings have been uncovered, including jam & chips, cold baked beans, and banana mayonnaise.

Image by LuckyLife11 from Pixabay
Image by LuckyLife11 from Pixabay
Other unusual sandwiches Brits are tucking into include jam & cornflakes, tuna & pineapple, and marmalade & coleslaw, a study from office furniture supplier, Furniture At Work has revealed.

These aren’t just one-offs, though, with almost one in ten (7%) of people claiming to enjoy a cold baked beans sandwich or a banana mayo butty, and 6% pairing tuna with pineapple in their sandwiches.

Meanwhile, the less controversial ham & cheese came out on top as the UK’s favourite sarnie, closely followed by egg mayonnaise and cheese & onion. These entries finished above classics like bacon and a BLT.

The least popular sandwiches came out as the club, ham, and chicken tikka.

The UK’s favourite sarnie – the humble ham and cheese
The UK’s favourite sarnie – the humble ham and cheese
The UK’s top 5 sarnies are:

1. Ham & cheese (10% said this was their favourite)
2. Egg mayonnaise (8%)
3. Cheese & onion (7%)
4. Chicken & bacon (7%)
5. Bacon (7%)

Brits’ least favourite five are:

1. Club (1% said this was their favourite)
2. Ham (1%)
3. Chicken tikka (1%)
4. Chicken mayonnaise (2%)
5. Coronation chicken (2%)

There is an interesting sandwich gender divide, with men much preferring a ham & cheese filling but women favouring egg mayo.

The study also sought to find out how much people are paying for sandwiches, with a national average of £3.89. The most expensive city for a butty is Manchester, with people paying a whopping £4.51 on average, while the city with the cheapest sandwiches is Sheffield, at just £2.84 a sarnie.

The industry that pays the most for their sandwiches is the creative arts and design niche, at £4.78, while retail workers pay the least for their butties, at a penny-pinching £2.98.

Furniture At Work also looked into the nutrition of the UK’s most popular supermarket sandwiches and found that the club (504), BLT (435), and cheese & onion (432) are the UK’s highest-calorie sandwiches, popular in Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, and Cardiff.

For those looking to cut calories, ham (248), tuna & sweetcorn (317), and prawn mayonnaise (318) are the lowest-calorie sarnies.

A spokesperson from Furniture At Work had this to say about the results:
“Sandwiches are an institution of the workplace lunch in the UK. We knew we were a country of sandwich obsessives, but some of the fillings we discovered were…
challenging, to say the least.

“From banana mayo to bacon and Ploughman’s to pineapple with tuna, the results celebrate the sarnie diversity and creativity of the nation!”

For more information on the UK’s favourite sandwich study, visit the Furniture At Work blog.