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1:00 AM 27th March 2024

The Unconventional Relationship Between Racing Team And Environmental Consultancy

Team Brit

Photo: Tunley Environmental
Team Brit Photo: Tunley Environmental
Team BRIT, the world’s only competitive team of all-disabled racing drivers, is embarking on what could be its biggest challenge to date. The team is announcing an exciting new partnership with a leading environmental consultancy, in efforts to lead the way in sustainability in motorsport.

Team BRIT is a history-making racing team, with a fleet of cars that are adapted to the requirements of each racer. The team can compete on a level playing field with able-bodied drivers thanks to its innovative hand control technology, offering a unique and inclusive approach to competitive racing that no other sport can offer.

Tunley Environmental has become the latest sponsor to join the team, embarking on a project to maximise the sustainability of the team. Its PhD-level scientists work with organisations in a range of sectors to provide innovative and scientific solutions towards decarbonisation.

Tunley Environmental will be conducting a Business Carbon Assessment (BCA) and producing a Net Zero Roadmap, outlining Team BRIT’s carbon footprint, and creating a plan to reduce its carbon output.

TB Workshp
TB Workshp
The team will also be measuring the impact of one of its racing vehicles. To do this, it will undertake a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its BMW 240i, identifying its carbon impact, ways to reduce it and potential ways to achieve carbon neutrality across the fleet. The BMW was salvaged from the scrapyard in 2022 and re-built to become the competitive racing car it is today. Now, Tunley Environmental experts will help identify the value of this approach and the carbon saving achieved in recycling a vehicle in this way, setting new boundaries of possibility for sustainability within racing.

Team BRIT staff will take part in carbon context and business carbon training sessions, making the project part of day to day life for every member of the team, from drivers to admin staff and team management.

Team BRIT Founder Dave Player explains:
“Our impact on the green agenda has been a conundrum that has been part of our thinking for some time now.

“Motorsport is not a ‘green’ activity, there’s no hiding that, but we know there are changes that can be made and major progress that is possible if we do it the right way.

“That’s where Tunley Environmental come in – we’re not experts in this, and we certainly don’t want to invest in efforts that have little impact on our carbon footprint. With their expertise, we can ensure we fully understand the impact of our operations, and crucially, the realistic measures we can take to make a difference.

“This isn’t just important for us, it’s important for every race team out there. I truly believe you don’t need to have F1-sized budgets to take this seriously. We’re a small team, but we have big ambitions in everything we do. These ambitions apply to this project in the same way as they do to our racing. We’ll make progress, we’ll see change, and we’ll do everything we can to share what we’ve learned, right across our sector.”

Tunley Environmental CEO, Dr Will Beer states:
"Team Brit are so proactive in their approach to not just sustainability but social responsibility that we jumped at the chance to support them, I am incredibly excited to be working alongside them on exciting sustainability projects whilst our scientists support their accelerating transition to Net Zero and beyond - awesome times ahead!"

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