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Graham Clark
Features Writer
11:24 AM 25th March 2020

The Unthanks - Diversions Vol 5 - Live And Unaccompanied (Rabble Rouser Music)

The Unthanks, as a name has been used to represent many different incarnations of a collective going back to 2005. On this live album, recorded over 31 live shows in the UK and Ireland in April and May in 2019, features the voices of Becky Unthank, Rachel Unthank and Niopha Keegan.

What you get is 13 songs of unaccompanied harmony singing. If you are old enough you might remember The Kings Singers, well if you do, then you will definitely enjoy this album.

The tracks mostly sound like good folk songs which they all are and include I'm Weary of Lying Alone, Magpie, Poor Mum and Geordie Wedding Set - which is sung with a real Geordie accent. All the songs here have a story to tell, just like any good folk song should.

It might not be to everyone's tastes - there is nothing else out at the moment as raw and fresh as this. Different it certainly is.

I rate the album 3 out of 5