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6:39 PM 19th August 2020

The Yorkshire Arboretum Launches Fundraising Appeal

credit Mathew Harrison & SALT Architects Ltd
credit Mathew Harrison & SALT Architects Ltd
The Yorkshire Arboretum is launching an urgent appeal for £150,000, following the period of closure during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. The appeal campaign will enable the completion of the arboretum’s flagship project, the Tree Health Centre, and support operational costs through the next couple of years.

The Yorkshire Arboretum, the 120-acre garden of trees located opposite Castle Howard, celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and saw significant progress made on the creation of its Tree Health Centre project: the centre will serve as a venue for informing and training people about the issues caused by tree diseases and the threats they pose to our landscapes.

Like many other local businesses, following a successful start to the 2020 season, the arboretum had to close its gates during the lockdown period. It reopened on 8th June with encouraging numbers of visitors appreciating the garden as a safe and relaxing place for a day out, but lost out on three months of income during the spring. Moreover, developments such as the completion of the Tree Health Centre and proposed Red Squirrel enclosure have now been pushed back to 2021.

credit Mathew Harrison & SALT Architects Ltd
credit Mathew Harrison & SALT Architects Ltd
Arboretum Director Dr John Grimshaw said:
“We’ve been overwhelmed with the support of our members and visitors both during lockdown and since reopening in June. Trying to predict the future at present is very difficult, and we have had to make several sad but necessary economies, including the loss of some staff positions. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Yorkshire Arboretum’s survival depends on the success of this appeal and other funding bids we are working on.

We realise that everyone has calls on their generosity at this time, when so many good causes need support, but if you can make a donation to help us out we would be extremely grateful. I believe the Yorkshire Arboretum has a bright future and can continue delivering our mission of Inspiration, Education and Conservation.”

Further information on how to donate can be found on the Yorkshire Arboretum’s website at