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8:50 PM 13th November 2021

Time For Emergency Mode - UN Secretary General

Coal - needs to become a 'sunset industry'
Coal - needs to become a 'sunset industry'
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres says of the recently signed COP26 final resolution that the world must "go into emergency mode" on climate change. "The outcome of COP26 is a compromise" he says. "It reflects the interests, the contradictions and the state of political will in the world today".

He acknowledges that it is an "important step" with "important building blocks for progress" but it is "not enough".

The Secretary-General directed his message particularly to young people and indigenous communities: "I know you are disappointed, but the path of progress is not always a straight line.

"Sometimes there are detours, sometimes there are ditches. But I know we can get there."

"Never give up. Never retreat. I am with you."