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Scout Beck
Features Writer
8:33 AM 2nd February 2020

Toploader Reload With Venue Tour

While so many bands returning from a hiatus reappear with a greatest hits revival album and tour, Toploader re-emerged in 2017 with a genuinely new sound: their album Seeing Stars.

Festival stalwarts, they now embark on a venue tour that takes in Manchester’s Matt and Phreds on February 9th.

Not used to playing venues, they are as excited to play the intimate as the large scale.

Singer Joe Washburn explained:

‘I love songwriting; we love performing, we aren’t used to playing venues but I get excited before every gig.’

From the irresistible opener Roll with the Punches to the wonderful and unexpected Crazy Dream the album is varied and intriguing.

Joe said ‘We needed a break to get the excitement back. We wanted to go down different avenues with the album, make it sound like every album we would have loved.’

Seeing Stars sounds autobiographical.

Joe said, ‘It’s not one man’s story, not just mine. Though I write the lyrics it’s about all of us’

With plans to release more EPs and continue to tour, this level of creativity and polish should keep them at the top.

Manchester should be happy.

Toploader are playing in Oldham on Feb 22nd Uppermill Civic Hall.
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