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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
9:00 PM 26th March 2019

Training For The Great North Run 2019

Hannah and Little Alf
Hannah and Little Alf
Training has officially begun for the Great North Run. Typing that actually makes me feel a little nervous.

I’ve done a few charity runs before but never one quite as long as the Great North Run so it’s going to be lots of fun but a real challenge for me.

The Simply Health Great North Run takes place on Sunday 8th September and is 13.1 miles, starting from Newcastle city centre and ending at the coast in the South Shields. I have 6 months to train so plenty of time to get running.

Of course Little Alf won’t be joining me on the actual event but he will be helping me train along the way and I know on the day of the event he will be with me every step.

Hannah training with the running club
Hannah training with the running club
This year I will be running for the Brooke charity, a charity which I have worked with several times and I am proud to be ambassador for this year.

I’ve been focusing on inspiring the youth generation through my work, particularly engaging young people between the ages of 8-25, by visiting schools and universities to talk all about Brooke.

Brooke's work across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America is to bring lasting change to working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them.

Hannah and Elvis
Hannah and Elvis
Currently, 100 million equines are working to support livelihoods of over 600 million people in the developing world.

Brooke is a brilliant global charity that is very close to my heart; sadly there are millions of working equines desperately in need who aren’t as lucky as Little Alf.

I hope to raise as much awareness as I can about them this year and encourage people to get involved with the cause.

I’m not currently a great runner, so for me it’s going to be a challenge doing the 13 miles across Newcastle.

I’ve started training by joining a running club and actively going to the gym. I did a 4 mile run last week and also a 2 mile run with my running club which was great, so I’ll keep stepping up the miles slowly and hopefully be ready for September.

My Springer Spaniel Elvis also went running with me last week although I couldn’t quite keep up with his pace....