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1:00 AM 27th January 2024

Tricky Brainteaser Challenges Readers To Spot The Hidden Telephone In Under 32 Seconds

This game show brainteaser created and shared by tombola, challenges puzzle players to look for the hidden telephone in the TV studio.

The average time to pinpoint the missing banker’s phone is 32 seconds, and 1 in 10 gave up entirely!

Inspired by the launch of their new suite of licensed ‘Deal or No Deal’ games, including Banker’s Bonus and the UK’s first ‘Deal or No Deal’ free online game, the team at the UK's biggest bingo site, tombola, have crafted this very clever game show themed brainteaser.

It seems the banker has lost his telephone… can you find it?

This challenging puzzle depicts a TV studio, featuring the popular game show, accompanied by a live studio audience.

Concealed within the studio is a hidden telephone, connecting to the banker! Tombola reports that, on average, it takes 32 seconds to locate it – and 1 in 10 individuals ultimately abandon the search!

Still struggling to find the missing telephone? Don’t worry, the answer is circled below:

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Did you find the telephone in under 32 seconds?