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3:56 PM 6th December 2023

Tristone Healthcare Launches Recruitment Platform

Tristone Healthcare – the independent buy and build investment group – has launched an innovative recruitment platform in a bid to tackle the growing labour shortage in the social care sector.

Care Jobs Today, an online recruitment portal, is the first website of its kind to be launched in conjunction with social care providers in the UK. Initially, it will be used by Tristone’s 10-strong portfolio to advertise jobs within the business community, while also raising awareness of the benefits of working within social care, before being rolled out more widely.

The site allows providers to upload positions and manage applications, while providing job seekers with an opportunity to test whether social care is the right career for them through an online quiz. The content-rich website will also keep users up to date on the latest news across the portfolio and the sector.

Yannis Loucopoulos,
Yannis Loucopoulos,
Yannis Loucopoulos, CEO of Tristone Healthcare, said:
“Recruitment and retention are two of the biggest challenges facing our business community and the sector as a whole. Brexit and a global pandemic have exacerbated a long-standing problem that is adding significant pressure onto providers, as they battle with other sectors to bring high quality talent into the industry.

“The aim of Care Jobs Today is to not only support our business community with a purpose-built platform that strengthens their approach to recruitment, but to also provide jobseekers with a dynamic portal that allows them to directly engage with providers, get under the skin of potential roles, while gaining a real understanding of the benefits of working in the social care sector. The industry is driven by passionate and purpose-driven individuals; Care Jobs Today is designed to bring that to life and inspire those looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career.”

According to recent research by Tristone Healthcare, there are more than 126,000 jobs available in the social care sector, dwarfed by the 284,979 positions in healthcare, over 171,000 in retail, nearly 100,000 in manufacturing, and 38,000 in logistics.

Loucopoulos added:
“In a candidate-driven market, social care providers and organisations are attempting to fill thousands of jobs across all levels, as competing markets, such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing and logistics also vie to fill vast quantities of roles. Every sector is facing a squeeze on talent, making the job of recruiting for roles within the social care sector greater than ever.”

The launch of Care Jobs Today comes after Tristone was named a CPD accredited training provider.

The investor has been approved by the CPD Accreditation Service – the largest Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification organisation in the UK – and is now registered on the CPD Provider Directory.

As part of an ambitious talent initiative, Tristone has developed a face-to-face training package designed specifically for the social care sector. Upon completion of the training, employees working across Tristone’s portfolio/business community will earn CPD points as part of their individual professional development, as well as receiving a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development.