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2:00 AM 5th March 2022

Trypophobia Revealed As Brits' Biggest Phobia

Photo Credit: Roman Samborskyi/
Photo Credit: Roman Samborskyi/
Ever wondered if someone else shares your paralysing fear of spiders, heights, or snakes?

Intrigued to find out which are the most common phobias throughout Europe and the USA, experts at collated a seed list of the 15 most popular phobias and analysed the monthly average Google search volumes for each one across all countries included in the study.

Key Findings

The most common phobia among people in the UK, with an average monthly search volume of 120,000, is trypophobia, which is a fear of holes.
First place for the most popular phobia across all of Europe and the USA is shared by claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) and trypophobia (fear of holes).
Hemophobia (fear of blood) is the least common phobia, appearing in the search volumes of only 12 out of the 41 analysed countries in the study.

Here are the most common phobias throughout Europe and the USA ranked…
Ranking Phobia Total Number of Average Monthly Search Volumes Phobia Meanings Number of Countries Searching the Phobia
1= Claustrophobia 56,460 fear of confined spaces 41
1= Trypophobia 812,150 fear of holes 41
2= Acrophobia 56,990 fear of heights 40
2= Agoraphobia 570,400 fear of open spaces 40
3= Arachnophobia 88,480 fear of spiders 38
3= Thanatophobia 35,180 fear of death 38
4= Trypanophobia 37,220 fear of needles 34
4= Monophobia 24,770 fear of being alone 34
5 Cynophobia 20,390 fear of dogs 33
6= Aerophobia 14,230 fear of flying 30
6= Mysophobia 28,830 fear of germs 30
7 Astraphobia 14,460 fear of thunderstorms 29
8 Social Phobia 14,820 fear of social situations 27
9 Ophidiophobia 24,510 fear of snakes 24
10 Hemophobia 19,920 fear of blood 12

The first place for the most common phobia goes to both claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) and trypophobia (fear of holes), appearing in the average search volumes of all 41 researched countries. However, the latter has the highest overall search volume of all phobias - 812,150. Trypohobia is also the number one phobia, based on search volumes, in 39 of the countries analysed.

Second place is also shared by two phobias - acrophobia (fear of heights) and agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). Both fears were searched for in 40 of the countries.

Being in the average search volumes of 38 countries, arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and thanatophobia (fear of death) share the third place. Fear of spiders also places third when it comes to overall number of search volumes, having 88,480. While fear of death holds a total of 35,180.

Ranking in fourth place are trypanophobia (fear of needles) and monophobia (fear of being alone). Both were present in 34 countries. And fifth ranks cynophobia (fear of dogs) - part of the search volumes of 33 countries.

Agoraphobia comes in second place for total number of search volumes (570,400) as well and is the number one fear in three countries (Belarus, Czech Republic and Malta).

And the least common phobia is…

Appearing in the search volumes of only 12 countries in total (29 less than trypophobia in first place), hemophobia (fear of blood) ranks last in the research.

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