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7:15 PM 15th September 2020

UK Cyber Security Sector Is 95% Larger Than Current Estimates

Leeds based GovTech and FinTech start-up The Data City has used its ground-breaking machine learning and AI technology to identify over 2,300 cyber security businesses in the UK.

Utilising the ‘Cyber Sector Analysis Report 2020’ sector analysis and definitions to ‘train’ The Data City machine learning engine, The Data City were able to build upon the reports’ findings and identify 95% more organisations operating exclusively in the sector.

The list created by The Data City contains 2,382 companies dedicated exclusively to cyber security, an increase of 95% when compared to the current estimate. This comparison is something they see as a showcase for the benefits of machine learning technology and their pioneering company search technology.

The data has location, financial and contact details of every company and this list is now available under licence from The Data City. The data is stored and accessed using the proprietary Data Explorer platform, the data has been segmented into 11 dedicated sub-sector taxonomies.

These provide a more granular view of the types of services and solutions that cyber organisations provide, along with regional clustering.

Alex Craven, co-founder at The Data City, said: “Our mission was to build the best company list builder in the world and this latest dataset proves we’re doing that. We provide the most accurate, complete & detailed lists of companies for our customers use cases. We’re really pleased with our progress.

"This work shows how a combination of the excellent work by DCMS can be augmented with our innovation in the application of machine learning to industrial analysis. We believe this combination of expert determined analysis and our technology will represent the future of industrial classification and would like to thank DCMS for publishing such an excellent analysis of the sector for us to utilise.”

Consulting with the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), The Data City has long been defining the future of company classification since it was established in 2018, championing a new direction – the RTIC. RTIC, or Real-Time Industry Classification, accurately identifies organisations within specific industry sectors in real time, using machine-learning keyword analysis to classify companies operating within the UK.

Due to this progressive solution, the new Cyber list from The Data City is the most complete and accurate list available anywhere in the UK. Integrated within their Insights Explorer; a user interface that visualises these insights, it is incredibly invaluable to those looking to invest, promote, work within or alongside this fresh and emerging sector of the UK economy that reduces months of research and analysis time into hours.

The Data City is based in Leeds, one of the best places in the UK to do Data and Digital. In fact, this new platform release is launching at Leeds Digital Festival on 23rd September. The webinar is free and there are 20 free licenses of the tool, The Data Explorer.
Read more about The Data City Cyber Dataset here: