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10:51 AM 21st May 2012

Want a celebrity Posture for Summer?

Celebs give Alexander Technique the thumbs up

Many celebrities have used the Technique - and to great effect.

Victoria Beckham is reported to have improved her posture using the Alexander method. Concerns over the prolonged wearing of towering stiletto heels led her to seek help with strengthening core muscles and spine re-alignment.

And the darling of the current M&S ads, Joanna Lumley, is among a long list of actors and performers who have employed the Technique to achieve an enviable posture including Juliet Stevenson, Hilary Swank, Lenny Henry, Sting, Paul Newman and perhaps the most admired pin up of them all, Marilyn Monroe.

Shape up for summer with AT!

Summer's just around the corner so it's time to shape up with the help of the Alexander Technique (AT).

Start now and after just a few lessons in AT you will be brimming with confidence, ready to enjoy the summer months ahead.

Dieting and new clothes have their place in preparation for summer, but using AT can give you so much more - and long after the holidays are over.

It will teach you to shed bad habits that are so easy to fall into, such as rounding the shoulders and slumping over the laptop. By showing you how to sit and stand properly you learn to correct your posture which in turn makes a big difference to how you look and feel.

Jill Payne, of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, says: "By improving posture, you are able to stand taller and improve your alignment.

"The Technique teaches you that through better posture, you also improve your mobility, your performance and your confidence - put simply, you look and feel healthier."

A series of lessons in AT will prove invaluable in making sure you get the most of the summer season and your holiday by enabling you to adopt a free and easy posture at all times and improve your overall health and well being.

So whatever you've got planned this summer - a beach holiday, a family wedding, putting in your best performance on sports day - AT will give you confidence, come rain or shine!

There are over 50 Alexander Technique teachers in Yorkshire.

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