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1:00 AM 13th January 2024

Wardrobe Wonders: Hunt For Five Dresses Hidden In The Shop

As January sales are upon us, the shopping fever hasn't cooled down following the festive season. And with some retailers already releasing Spring/Summer 2024 lines, it’s easy to get lost in the trends.

With that in mind, a new tricky brainteaser created by wholesale fashion company JOOR has made the art of sleuthing for fashion styles into a fun puzzle, as the company is integral in helping buyers search through styles to find the right product for their stores.

The dress detective challenge is leaving even eagle-eyed puzzle masters stumped as they attempt to search for five dresses in the wardrobe shop.

On average it takes 3 minutes to crack this wardrobe mystery, with one in seven sleuths calling defeat.

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How long did it take you?

Did you manage to spot all 5?

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