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4:19 PM 9th September 2021

Weekly National Flu And COVID-19 Surveillance Reports Published - 9 September 2021

National influenza and COVID-19 report, monitoring coronavirus (COVID-19) activity, seasonal flu and other seasonal respiratory illnesses.

The main points from this week’s national influenza and COVID-19 surveillance report are:

Surveillance indicators suggest that at a national level COVID-19 activity has been stable in week 35 of 2021, 29 August to 4 September 2021.

Case rates were highest in those aged 10 to 19, with a 7-day rate of 681.4 per 100,000 population.

The lowest case rates were in those aged 80 and above, with a 7-day rate of 114.0 per 100,000 population.

Seven-day case rates per 100,000 population were highest in the North West at 378.6.

Case rates per 100,000 were lowest in London with a 7-day rate of 240.0.

The number of acute respiratory infection incidents (suspected outbreaks) in England was 383 in week 35, compared to 448 in the previous week.

The hospital admission rate for week 35 was 7.40 per 100,000 population, in the previous week it was 7.53 per 100,000 population.

Hospital admission rates for COVID-19 were highest in the West Midlands, with a rate of 9.64 per 100,000 population.

The highest hospital admission rates continue to be those aged 85 and above.

Dr Yvonne Doyle, Medical Director at Public Health England, said:
"Case rates remain high although fairly stable across the country and are currently highest in those aged 10 to 19 years old.

"We expect to see more cases in these age groups as schools detect cases of COVID-19 acquired during the summer holidays. We continue to closely monitor how the start of the school year is impacting infections and will review recommendations accordingly.

"In recent days many have begun to return to the workplace. It’s important to keep following the simple steps to help protect yourself and others, get both doses of the vaccine, wear a face covering in enclosed spaces and if you have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not go out. You should only leave home to get a PCR test, which you should get as soon as possible if you have symptoms."