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1:00 AM 12th February 2024

What Are The Nation's Favourite Pancake Toppings?

HelloFresh have delved into data to reveal the most important question on everyone’s minds this Pancake Day - what is the best topping?

Data from the recent study undertaken by food experts at HelloFresh has also revealed the UK’s most popular national pancake.

Through analysis of the average number of searches per month for each type of pancake topping, data revealed banana pancakes are the most a-peeling as they slip into first place as the UK’s favourite choice of topping with over 33,000 searches. Second to blueberry, with a 6,600 search gap.

Most alarming is the fact the data revealed that spinach pancakes are more popular than some of the most traditional toppings.

New to the top 10 in 2024 are peanut butter pancakes (480) and coconut pancakes (320), with peanut butter pancakes also placing higher than lemon pancakes in the ranking.

Brits are becoming more health conscious when it comes to both toppings and the ingredients in their pancake mix. Banana pancakes have become a healthy alternative to the traditional pancake mix.

The UK’s Top 10 Pancake Toppings (Based on average UK monthly online searches)

1. Banana Pancakes - 33,100
2. Blueberry Pancakes - 6,600
3. Chocolate Pancakes - 1,900
4. Bacon Pancakes - 1,900
5. Apple Pancakes - 1000
6. Spinach Pancakes - 1000
7. Cinnamon Pancakes - 590
8. Peanut Butter Pancakes - 480
9. Lemon Pancakes - 390
10. Coconut Pancakes - 320

The company also researched into the UK’s favourite national pancakes, with the Scottish ‘Scotch Pancake’ or ‘Drop Scone’ or the Welsh ‘Crempog’ buttermilk pancake.

However, it was Northern Ireland’s ‘Boxty’ potato pancakes’ that was revealed as the UK’s favourite with the highest monthly search volume.

UK’s Favourite Regional Pancakes

Scotch Pancakes / Drop Scones - 18,100 monthly searches

Boxty / Irish Potato Pancakes - 27,100 monthly searches

English pancakes - 5,400 monthly searches

Crempog / Welsh pancakes - 1,900 monthly searches

Senior Recipe Development Manager at HelloFresh, Mimi Morley commented: “Our data reveals the UK has a sweet tooth when it comes to Pancake Day with only two savoury toppings making the top 10.

“Shockingly, more traditional toppings such as lemon and sugar didn’t make the top five spots showing some more modern, experimental recipes have become Pancake Day favourites.

“In my opinion, the toppings are what really makes pancakes exciting! A delicious fluffy pancake makes a great blank canvas and lends itself to so much creativity.

“Here at HelloFresh we love trying out new flavours and we have been able to find some unique additions you can try at home. And as we all love to indulge on Pancake Day, we also include some healthier twists to original recipes that taste just as good! My favourites have to be either chopped bananas and Greek yoghurt, or the classic strawberries and cream but make it low fat."

If you’re needing some inspiration or want to spice up your pancakes, visit the HelloFresh website