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4:10 AM 31st July 2021

What Is The Nation's Favourite Sweet?

Fizzy bubble gum bottles have been crowned the nation’s favourite pick and mix, beating off cola bottles and flying saucers to take the accolade.

photo by Julian Bur
photo by Julian Bur
Almost 4,000 sweet-toothed Brits voted in the poll, run by confectionery experts at UK Sweets, to determine the UK’s favourite treat.

Fizzy bubble gum bottles were named number one with fizzy twin cherries, tongue painters and sugar-coated strawberries making up the top four.

Sixteen sweets made the list including retro classics flying saucers, strawberry bonbons, fizzy cola bottles and watermelon slices.

Others included mini mallows, meerkats, sour dummies, blue raspberry bonbons, Dracula teeth, 3D hearts and baby dolphins.

Fizzy bubble gum bottles are a firm favourite in pick and mix stands with their fizzy bubble gum flavour, sour coating and eye-catching colours.

Fizzy twin cherries and sugar-coated strawberries too with their fruity flavours and sugary coating.

Tongue painters are a more recent addition to pick and mix. These fruit flavoured gummies are shaped like a paint brush and paint your tongue as you eat.

Sweet-toothed Britons love nothing more than heading to the pick and mix displays.

In 2019 around £3.9 billion was spent in the UK on sugar confectionery and chocolate and 9.1 thousand tonnes of sugar confectionery was made and sold.

photo by Geoff Henson
photo by Geoff Henson
Confectionery expert, Hannah Fadesco from UK Sweets said:
“We love nothing more than finding out what the Great British public think and were pretty confident one of our sour coated, sugary treats would come out on top.

“They’ve been growing on popularity over recent years and are a big hit with customers who buy sugar confectionery from us. It was no surprise to see three of them in the top four.

“It’s always great to see some retro classics too. Who doesn’t love a flying saucer, a bonbon or cola bottle? These classics have certainly stood the test of time with sweet lovers and will be around for many years to come.”

pick and mix will always be an important part of the UK sweet shop and will be a sweet treat we’ll enjoy for years to come.”

Hannah Fadesco, a digital trading manager from UK Sweets continued:
“There are always new sweet treats making their way into pick and mix. Tongue painters are hugely popular with young customers, as are our fruit flavoured gummy baby dolphins and meerkat sweets.

“One thing we are certain of is that pick and mix will always be an important part of the UK sweet shop and will be a sweet treat we’ll enjoy for years to come.”