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1:00 AM 13th February 2024

Where Is Your Favourite Gin Actually Made?

In an industry crowded with brands claiming authenticity, Manchester Gin is speaking out in support of genuine craftsmanship, and inviting consumers to go beyond the label to discover the distilleries at the heart of their favourite spirits.

The Spirit of Manchester Distillery, makers of Manchester Gin have joined forces with Tarquin’s Cornish Gin, Masons of Yorkshire and Brighton Gin to kick off the #ActuallyMadeIn campaign. They are asking consumers to look beyond the label and discover the distilleries at the heart of their favourite spirits, and they’re inviting other distilleries across the UK and beyond to join them by showcasing the daily grind and the amazing people behind every drop of their unique spirits.

Craft distilleries are working hard day in, day out to produce some of the world’s most outstanding spirits. Often family owned and run, they’re fueled by determined and ambitious people putting their heart and soul into their craft. But still, consumers often ask
“Do you actually make it?”, “Where is it actually made?”, “Do you actually own a still?”.

Manchester Gin has joined forces with some of the best craft distilleries in the country to answer these questions. With the #ActuallyMadeIn campaign, they are calling time on the smoke and mirrors, and shining a light on all the amazing craft distilleries out there in the daily grind.

#ActuallyMadeIn invites distilleries across the UK and beyond to shout about their craft, their product and their people. It aims to highlight what goes into making a craft spirit, and protect what it means to be involved, step by step, every day in creating a product you love.

Seb Heeley-Wiggins, Founder of Manchester Gin and The Spirit of Manchester Distillery comments:
“We’re inviting other distilleries to get involved and share photos, stories and insights of their distillery life, with the hashtag #ActuallyMadeIn and their location, whether that’s a state-of-the-art distillery or your garden shed. We’ve had a long journey from where we started out in our dining room back in 2015, we’ve innovated and diversified over the years and have seen a lot of other craft distilleries do the same in order to survive. We’re hoping that by launching #ActuallyMadeIn, we can inspire consumers to look beyond the label and understand more about where and how their favourite spirits are made, encourage them to support smaller craft distilleries and maybe even discover a new favourite spirit along the way.”

Tarquin Leadbetter, Founder of Tarquin’s Cornish Gin Distillery comments:
"Authenticity is really important to us, our doors are always open for distillery tours where people can meet our team, handle the very same botanicals we put in our spirits, meet our copper stills and see where the magic happens! We’re proud to stand alongside Manchester Gin, encouraging other distilleries to celebrate their local roots and preserve the authenticity of craft spirits. We are #ActuallyMadeIn Cornwall - and we’re proud of it."

Karl Mason, Owner, Masons of Yorkshire:
“We research, distil, and bottle every drop onsite and every visitor can see this at our open plan distillery. For us #ActuallyMadeIn is not only a celebration of craftsmanship and transparency, it’s a call to action. When we started the company in 2013, we used a contract distiller until we could afford our own still – but we were open about it. We purchased Steve the Still in 2014 and he now sits proudly in our distillery reception after being retired. We’re proud to join Manchester Gin in encouraging support for the craft distilling community. We are #ActuallyMadeIn Yorkshire.”

Kathy Caton, Founder, Brighton Gin:
“Each bottle of Brighton Gin is carefully washed and filled by hand, we stick each label on and dip every bottle in wax ourselves. We pride ourselves on being as open and transparent as possible about our processes, and all the care that goes into crafting each and every bottle. Brighton Gin was born of a passion for gin, we set out to create something that embodies the spirit of Brighton: unusual, playful and fiercely independent, and #ActuallyMadeIn perfectly sums that up for us. We are #ActuallyMadeIn Brighton.

Do you know where your favourite gin is actually made?

Join the conversation. #ActuallyMadeIn